Roof insulation methods

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Roof insulation methods

Post by moawad96 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:44 am

After a long day of weariness and hard work goes into his house and compelling only to get some rest, and to achieve this comfort must work several jobs until he feels home owners of security and tranquillity, so first thing to do is open up the House and prepared in proper ways, home as any inanimate the Gallery Damage over time because of extreme environmental factors and circumstances surrounding it such as high temperature, rainfall, humidity, and more what those factors is external surfaces the garrison home hazards and loss, and here you must take all necessary measures and precautions regarding safety and security They are necessities and foundations be achieved for peace of mind in the long run, and to do that many people resort to insulate well surfaces in this article.
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Roof insulation methods
Waterproofing is a method used to resist water from rainfall and humidity, which often leaked water method or else it will decimate piling in the construction and show cracks in the walls and roofs which pose a risk to family members because of the increased probability of landslides, In this way he must keep home owners on building security and its license from the Ministry of health and industry, insulation against water through materials or materials able to resist water and isolate it from the foundations and pillars at home so make him standing for a longer period, from this material comes :
Non-woven fabric softeners used in water protection for roads, railways and stadiums.
The chips are supported external fiber and polyester used in protecting surfaces for residential buildings.
Epoxy used to protect internal surfaces in industrial buildings for drugs, chemicals and foodstuffs.
Alzftet chips and non-woven textile and flexible.
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Waterproofing is divided into two basic types: positive isolation: the waterproofing is adopted in most times, the aim is to prevent water droplets from entering the desired body.
Passive isolation: it is isolated from the other side of the water descending hand in the desired body isolation, resorting to this method when faced with difficulty in positive isolation.
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Thermal insulation used this way to limit the damage to or destruction of buildings due to exposure to high temperatures and intense heat in the hot summer days, and thermal insulation range of benefits most importantly:
Maintain the proper temperature for a long time on surfaces without resorting to run air conditioners.
Raise the level of comfort and safety for users of the buildings.
Reducing the thickness of the concrete walls and ceilings are necessary to reduce the amount of heat transfer inside buildings.
Provide the physical burden and the size of the effort involved in energy production plants and distribution networks, because it reduces energy costs.

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Roof insulation methods

Post by BarryNup » Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:42 pm

can any one recommend a type insulation for the roof lining?
I want to replace it before I put the lining back in.

regards Paul

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Roof insulation methods

Post by Kamunomo » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:09 pm

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